If you are a homeowner who is looking to purchase or build a new home, you know that the equity in your current home can be the deciding factor in your decision to buy. When your home will sell and how much your home will sell for have significant influence on the choices you make when looking for a new home. 

The timing of selling your current home and moving into your new home can be stressful and overwhelming! If you current home sells after you settle on your new home, you are stuck paying two mortgages. If it settles before your new home is ready, you risk having to make a double move.

That's where the CertainSale Program comes in.

The concept is simple - we determine the proper list price and exact expected sale price of your current home. An equity guarantee is made based on the expected sale price to go towards the purchase of your new home. 

We work behind the scenes to ensure that your financing, new home settlement and current home settlement go smoothly and that all the puzzle pieces fall into place. 

If you receive an offer that requires an earlier settlement than your new home, you have the option to deny the offer, because you are backed up by your guaranteed equity amount! If the home doesn't sell within 100 days, we give you the guaranteed equity amount and assume financial responsibility of your property - paying the mortgage, utilities and insurance until the home is sold. If there's a net loss on the sale of your old home, it comes out of our pocket, not yours.

Buying a new home has never been so easy! 


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