What are the benefits of using CertainSale?

There are many benefits to using our program, including:

  • No double moves - stay in your existing home until your new home is complete!
  • No double mortgage payments - after receiving your guaranteed equity amount, we will make the payments on your trailing home.
  • Purchase or start construction on your new home BEFORE you have your home sold. 
  • Our Guarantee pays any net loss as a result of the sale.


How accurate is your evaluation on my home?

We love this question! Over the 21 year history of the program, the average difference between our valuation and the actual sales price is less than 1%! That means if we determine the expected sale price to be $200,000, the home will sell on average within $2,000 of that figure. And in the past three years, that average difference has gone even down further to 0.11%! 


Can you define the term "Equity?"

Equity is the amount of money remaining in your home after subtracting out all the mortgages and costs to sell the home from the sale price of your property.


What are the closing costs associated with selling a home?

Typical Fees include:

  • Real Estate Commission - Usually 6-7% of the sale price
  • Transfer Tax - Usually 1% of the sale price
  • Miscellaneous Costs - The deed preparation fee, transaction fee, notary fee, broker fee, satisfaction fee and overnight fees usually total around $600


How do I get my Guaranteed Equity?

Your guaranteed equity amount may be funded by an equity loan in conjunction with financing on your new home. We work closely with local banks who understand our program and work with us to make sure all the financing pieces of your transaction fit together perfectly. In most cases, this structure that we created actually lowers your payment per month while you are living in your home, giving you additional savings towards the purchase of your new home.


This sounds too good to be true... you are going to guarantee the sale of my home, cover any loss as a result of the sale and get me my equity?

Yep! We hear this question a lot - keep reading!

For most people, making a double move and/or carrying two house payments is not a viable, desirable or ideal solution in the home purchasing process. That is where CertainSale comes in. With our program, you obtain the equity in your home before it's sold, purchase your new home and list your existing home at the same time (no house to sell contingencies!), avoid a double move, and avoid double mortgage payments! 


What if it takes a long time to sell my home?

After 100 days on the market, we take over financial responsibility of your home - we pay the bills and maintain the property until a buyer is found; no matter how long it takes.


How do I know if my home qualifies? 

Check out our CertainSale Qualifying Parameters Section